Updates on Seiyuu Posts

I (Hiromi) will be continuing/starting a new about seiyuu topics on my own site, sei.neesan.org, from today onwards.

Thank you for your support so far on this blog and I hope to see you on sei.neesan.org!

First up is a translation of Hikasa Youko’s latest blog post. Check it out here.

Updates from fuyuhi


Hardly any personal time!

Backlogs clogging up!

Dr Who, anime, manga, and games!

Ok, all the nonsense above aside, things have started to settle down in army so I’ve finally had some time to catch up on me stuff.

/puts on shades/ MAJOR CELEBRATION /headbanging and double rocker sign up in the air/

I have one more major outfield coming in October before I ORD – this means that I’ll be out of army! – in November. Things are somewhat chill right now so I’ve been clearing all these backlogs I have; I’ve also been working on Codename PRIME, albeit a bit more slowly.

I’m definitely going to review more games in future, and I’ll try to include other reviews like anime and/or manga reviews; expect less of the latter because I’ll only do a review when the series/season is finished.

Until next time!

Hikasa Youko’s Natalie.mu Power Push Interview 13/16

Continued from part 12…

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Hikasa Youko’s Natalie.mu Power Push Interview 12/16

Continuation from part 11

What is the current serious image of Hikasa Youko?

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Game review – Child of Light


Hey guys! Today I’m going to bring to you a review of Ubisoft’s newest game, [Child of Light]. I will be reviewing both the PC and Vita version, but mostly about the Vita version as it is the one I’ve spent the most time on.

This game made waves when it was announced and I was very excited to play it when it came out. In case you haven’t heard of what Child of Light is about, the following teaser trailer should fill you in!

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Figure review – 永遠に紅い幼き月 レミリア -神槍ver.-


If you can’t read the title, the picture should be a dead giveaway!

In case you’re not a Touhou fan, this time’s figure review is Griffon Enterprises’ Remilia! Before I start the review, let’s have a brief introduction to who Remilia is, in case you’ve forgotten or are new to Touhou.
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