Periodic table of anime characters

Anything containing C.C. is considered an organic compound

It does not matter if you failed your chemistry, with this periodic table of anime characters, you are sure to pass the subject.

…Okay maybe not, but it will at least make you interested during chemistry lessons when you can scream the name of the girls when your teacher mentions an element. If you have trouble remembering the periodic table, I guess this is a good way to memorize the whole thing since it should come naturally to otakus.

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  1. Hiromi

    Why is Ryougi Shiki under Kr…… I can’t see the link

    • Iso

      Kara no Kyoukai I presume…

  2. Eri

    Lol… Actually it is the Periodic Table of Japanese FEMALE Characters. Tsk, so much racism :O

    • Hiromi

      sexist not racist

      • Eri

        You just made that racism one level worse xD

    • Iso


  3. Hiromi

    WHYY IS TOHSAKA RIN “P”!!!?!!?!? and many others that I can’t seem to see the link.

    • Iso

      Indeed. I can’t understand why Kaede from Shuffle! is under Nb. Maybe you should try making your own version of the periodic table or something ^^

  4. Eri

    Rika = NP => NiPpa
    I LOLed

    • Iso

      Nipah! xP
      I laughed when I realised it too. Epic-ness!

  5. Mushyrulez

    Tsk tsk, ya should’ve named ta post ‘Japanese Characters’ (like what they did on ta chart).

    TAUHAU IS NOT AN ANIME (neither is Vocaloid!)

    • Hiromi

      It’s TOUHOU btw not TAUHAU. Also, arguably, Vocaloid and Touhou do have animation.

      • Eri

        Right on your mushroom, Mushy >:V
        I’ve seen the Touhou one and I’ve heard about the Vocaloid one too but I haven’t checked it out >:O

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