Utada Hikaru – Goodbye Happiness

As most people know, Utada Hikaru has announced that she’d be going on an indefinite hiatus, so this video is probably her last PV in a while…

Shot with the camera in a static position. A single take, no cuts, no nothing.

As low-budget as such a PV would seem, there is a charm to it. If you think about it, it’s actually quite hard to execute such videos, not to mention direct the video when you’re starring in it. Yet, Utada Hikaru managed to direct this PV herself even though it was her first time as a music video director, which is definitely an amazing feat.

I can only imagine how hard it is to direct this sort of video on the first try. Making everything flow and move as planned in one go is not something that can be done easily especially if you can’t change the camera’s position/angle. I really like this sort of single take videos; It takes skill, precise coordination and flawless teamwork and communication to achieve a successful and satisfactory take suitable for distribution to the masses.

Indeed, this is a very wonderful “Goodbye” from Utada Hikaru to all her fans as she begins her indefinite hiatus sometime 2011.

Thank you Utada Hikaru.


Fun facts:

Obvious is obvious, the “UTUBE” logo at the bottom left of the screen is in reference to YOUTUBE.

As a director, Utada used her birth name in kanji (宇多田光), as opposed to her stage name.

During the second chorus, the room darkens and Utada dances on a yellow chair, similar to that of her video for “Automatic”.

The video ends with Utada dancing with a flag and a hat like her video for “Traveling”.

While the video is shot in a set, not Utada’s personal bedroom, many of the items in the room are owned by her.

*Fun facts referenced from Wikipedia.

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  1. furreto

    her last concert WILD LIFE before her hiatus was broadcasted live on UStream yesterday.
    cant believe i missed it ;_;

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