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ClariS’ Nisemonogatari ED Single Ranked 4th in Music Station CD Rankings

As the title says. “Naisho no Hanashi”, Nisemonogatari’s ED Single sung by the duo, ClariS, ranked 4th in the Music Station CD Rankings.

"Middle School Girls Duo! Debuted in 2010."

I totally forgot how the songs in the single sounds like. I only listened to it once while doing some programming, so not much attention was paid to the songs in it. Maybe I should give it a closer listen and write my thoughts on the ED Single eh?


Places I Want to Visit in Kansai

Guess where...

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Iso is Off to Serve the Nation

Iso has shaved his head.

Wonder why there was a sudden flood of post the past few days? It is time for Iso to head for his compulsory National Service. Lets which him luck and good health. By the time this post is published, he will probably be in another island where he will undergo basic training and stuff. There won’t be interwebs access over there so the next time we’ll hear from him is in 2 weeks time.

In the mean time, if you have any words of encouragement or anything to tell Iso, leave a comment and I’ll consolidate and send him a SMS each week (for the 2 weeks that he has no interwebs access). Imma be taking over the driver’s seat for now, will try my best to keep the site updated with latest news and interesting stuff, not forgetting Seiyuu pictures! Though my final exams are coming soon, I guess I should pre-schedule posts before study-like-mad time comes.

And there goes Iso–

Iso says (11:14 PM):
*ok see ya
・ひろみ  says (11:14 PM):
*cya o/
Iso says (11:14 PM):

Last Chapter of Bleach Manga to be Published Soon

The announcement

So it seems it is time for the last chapter of the bleach manga. Bleach has come a long way since its serialisation in (Weekly Shōnen Jump) back in August of 2001. It has been a little more than 10 years, a long long time. I wonder if the anime is gonna end soon too.


MTG – EDH/Commander

Command Tower

Today, I’m going to touch on the EDH – it’s called Commander now – format that’s getting popular these days. This format was created with the goal to emphasise social interactions between players, creative deckbuilding along with interesting games. The way decks are built in Commander is most interesting and it adds a refreshing change to the gameplay as a result. Read more »