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I got tagged or something by Umizi over here.

I wanted to say:

<Hiromi> “I time traveled to 10th of September”
<Hiromi> “Oh wait the game has ended”

But hey, it seems fun so…

You can refer to the Rules of Iso over here.

And Umizi’s five questions are:

1) What is the general assumption/idea that people where you live have about anime?
>>Otaku, Naruto, Bleach, Hentai.

Even though SG has big events like AFA or Cosfest. The general idea/assumption by general people are the above.
2) How much does the music of the anime influence your opinion on it?
Quite some bit. Especially if the music is Jazz or the soundtrack is by Kanno Youko (e.g.: the recent Sakamichi no Apollon or the not so recent Cowboy Bepop are good shows in my opinion). Sometimes the anime might be crap (e.g.: Madoka Magica) but the sound track is good. If that’s the case, I’ll just listen to the soundtrack and skip the anime.
3) Would you rather read the manga or watch the anime? In your opinion, which anime is the best/worst adaptation from its manga? 
Where did the Visual/Light Novel option go?! I would watch the anime if I find the manga’s art to be plain or boring or if the story is not worth time spent to read it. I guess the best adaptation would be K-ON, because the manga sucked. The worst would be… さぁ…なんだろうな…あ!そうだ!黄昏乙女Xアムネジア, the anime adaptation was in no way superior or equal to the original manga version.
4) For the Vocaloid/NND fans, who is your favorite utaite, your favorite producer, and what is your favorite song/cover as of now? (If not, then here’s a gratuitous wildcard *)
I have a strong dislike for anything Vocaloid.
5) Has blogging changed the way you watch/think about anime? How so?
It hasn’t. I don’t read blogs much, and the posts I write are about Seiyuu and their birthdays.



I guess foomafoo, Eri, Iso, TPABMushyrulez gets tagged.


1) Would you read the original Light Novel of a anime that you think is exceptionally good? Additional thoughts?

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2) What do you think of the current trend of anime series that broadcasts 1 cour, followed by a 1 (or 2) season(s) break, then the 2nd cour? (e.g.: Fate/Zero, Jormungand)

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I think it is a good move if it prolongs the lifespan of an anime series. So good stuff don’t die off after just 12 or 13 episodes.

3) What is your favourite type of anime character? (<Kuu, Tsun, Yan, etc (dere)>, <Imouto, Ane, Ani, Otouto>)

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4) How do you enjoy your anime? (With food, drinks? Headphones or speakers? With friends or alone? On a large projector screen or laptop screen? etc)

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On my 22″  monitor with headphones or my Westone IEM on!


5) What is your current Desktop background?

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  1. Justin

    When I think about how anime is perceived, you would have thought time would have changed all that. No, not really, it’s still “No, it’s for kids” or “Man, it’s all porn” :(

    Also, because no one cares, my desktop background involves Fire Emblem Kakusei. Just saying :p

    • Iso

      I think it will take quite a bit more time for these generalizations and myths to be dispelled. Anime is still quite non-mainstream throughout the world.

      And it would greatly help if some self-proclaimed “anime fans” stop doing doing things that give anime a bad name or leave others with poor impressions about anime fans.

  2. Arctic

    I find it amusing that our answers for Question 1 are incredibly different.

    • Iso

      I guess it’s because each person lives in a different environment. Hence, even though we all live in the same country, what we see of the perceptions of people around us are different.

      Also, I find it amusing how you used “I have a strong dislike for anything Vocaloid.” as an answer for the wildcard. 😛

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