[Translation] Hanazawa Kana – happy endings Email

Are you doing well?

1 November 2012


How is it over there?

Have you gotten use to the language and food? Anything delicious?

Let’s go eat it when I’m over to play!

Anyway, I have some big news to tell you!

Senpai entered JAXA!

Senpai might really be heading out to space~

Work hard too Kana!

From Yuka.

Turns out there is a reply to Yuka’s email near the end of the MV.


Subject: Re : Are you doing well?

To Yuka

Even if we are apart, the sky is connected isn’t it.

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  1. Annoymous

    Hi.Mind explaining what this is all about?

  2. Annoymous

    Oh so this is something about her music videos.She has 2 music videos?

  3. Annoymous

    Oh I see.
    “Hanazawa Kana’s solo work will total 4 Singles.”
    Mind telling me where is this stated?

  4. Hiromi

    >4 singles

  5. Annoymous

    Oh I see.Well I don’t really keep track of her news

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