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Hey there guys, my name is Rakkyo and I’ll be guestblogging for Nabe on the AFA12 Anisong concert. AFA is pretty much the largest anime convention that happens in Singapore annually. This year is their 5th anniversary and it’s held at Singapore EXPO, which is definitely a step up from the old Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre. Check out the other posts for full coverage of the event grounds.

The concert is split into 3 days and here’s the breakdown:

  • Friday: T.M. Revolution (Solo concert)
  • Saturday: BABYMETAL, m.o.v.e, fripSide, LiSA and FLOW
  • Sunday:  Hachiouji-P, Sea☆A, Kuribayashi Minami, Sphere and May’n


Promotional Videos

Day 2 (Saturday):


Day 3 (Sunday):




T.M. Revolution setlist

  • Zips
  • Web of Night
  • soul’s crossing
  • Meteor -ミーティア-
  • vestige
  • Save The One, Save The All
  • resonance
  • crosswise
  • Naked arms
  • ignited


  • The party must go on

For the uninitiated, T.M. Revolution is short for Takanori Makes Revolution. There’s really not much to say about the T.M. Revolution concert other than it was way too awesome.  His live singing has definitely improved over the years, judging from the YouTube videos of the various live performances he has done. Also, much like his other performances, his costume just screams FABULOUS, which he strips down rather quickly. His stage dancing was very flashy, ranging from headbanging to spraying water with his hair. By the end of the concert, Takanori was splashing the audience with water and he does it a few times. It’s kinda funny to see one of the stage crew going back and forth bringing a new cup of water every time only to have Takanori empty it immediately. Before the band left the stage, they gave some “fan service” in the form of Takanori’s towel and the drummer’s sticks. I don’t follow T.M. Revolution but there are a few songs that stood out to me, like FLAGS, INVOKE, Meteor, vestige, crosswise, SWORD SUMMIT and HEART OF SWORD. All in all, T.M. Revolution concert was a huge rush of adrenaline and I definitely enjoyed it.





  • Doki Doki Morning
  • Ii ne!
  • Uki Uki Midnight
  • Headbanger!!
  • Ijime, Dame, Zettai

The Saturday concert was kicked off by BABYMETAL. There were surprisingly quite a lot of BABYMETAL fans in the crowd and they formed a sizable mosh pit right in front of the stage during this section. They are described as being both an idol group and a heavy metal band. Personally, I think they’re better off choosing one or the other. They are certainly cute as an idol group but the songs are… not really pleasant I’d say. The only song I relatively liked was Doki Doki Morning, and Headbanger!! was decent at most. They also sang Ijime, Dame, Zettai which was strangely missing from the niconico live, presumably because it’s a new song and the single’s not out yet.



m.o.v.e setlist

  • Romancing Train
  • Raise Up
  • Nobody Reason
  • Itoshisa to Setsunasa to Kokoro Tsuyosa to
  • Sekai no Hajimari
  • Gamble Rumble

m.o.v.e’s section was up after BABYMETAL and it was a completely different feeling. Let me be clear that I completely have no idea about m.o.v.e other than motsu is also the rapper for ALTIMA. So I went in with zero knowledge and man it was mind-blowing. While not all the songs are my kind of songs, they were certainly enjoyable. Yuri is the vocalist for m.o.v.e and her voice is pretty good. I noticed that her singing was off-tune at times though that might just be my ears damaged by TMR on Friday. But enough about Yuri, who watches m.o.v.e live performance for Yuri anyway. motsu is definitely the star here with his rapping and dance moves. I don’t know how he does it but he somehow managed to be cool and funny at the same time. His English pronunciation was also pretty damn accurate.

There was a screaming competition too where motsu and Yuri each took a side. The loser had to do “invisible chair”. I was on the motsu side and sadly we lost. It’s still funny seeing motsu do the invisible chair though. There were a few special songs in this concert. One of them is Itoshisa to Setsunasa to Kokoro Tsuyosa to. I can’t find much details about the song other than it was released during the 90s. The other song is Sekai no Hajimari which, according to motsu, was a tribute song for the Japan Earthquake which was never sold at all. The songs I liked are GHETTO BLASTER, DOGFIGHT and Gamble Rumble.



fripSide setlist

  • Level5 -judgelight-
  • future gazer
  • way to answer
  • everlasting
  • Heaven is a Place on Earth
  • fortissimo -the ultimate crisis-
  • only my railgun

As much as it pains me to say this, Yoshino Nanjo, the vocalist, does not sound good live. She’s not horrible, but certainly not as good as the other artists. Strangely enough, she sings way to answer very well (though the sound systems seems to have failed around this part). Still, it’s fripSide and their songs are amazing. The songs they performed on this concert are pretty much their best songs. I was hoping they’d perform the remixes of Level5 and only my railgun but I suppose people don’t want to hear the same song twice. sat, the composer and keyboardist also put up quite a performance. He had a solo section when Yoshino was changing costumes and it was pretty good.

Just a bit of trivia, sat is also the composer for ALTIMA so if Maon Kurosaki was also invited, we could’ve had a bonus ALTIMA section for this AFA. In any case, they ended with only my railgun which drove the crowd crazy. fripSide’s performance is definitely one of the best for this anisong concert.



LiSA setlist

  • ROCK-mode
  • oath sign
  • Ichiban no Takaramono
  • crossing field
  • confidence driver
  • Crow Song

LiSA is definitely the most anticipated artist for the Saturday concert and for good reason. Her performance is stellar and the songs are good. She did miss a few notes but I only noticed those when watching the niconico live and they are pretty much unnoticeable during the concert itself. She was very lively on stage with sharp dance moves but the audience interaction really feels cheesy sometimes. If you watch the niconico live you should see what I mean. The highlight of LiSA’s section for me was when she sang Ichiban no Takaramono. Her singing was very emotional and I think she teared up a bit after the song (I know I did). She bounced right back after that though, with a list of high tension songs. Her section ended with Crow Song and I was shouting at the top of my lungs by that time. For the Saturday concert, I’d have to say LiSA’s section takes the cake.



FLOW setlist

  • DAYS
  • BravBlue
  • Zankoku na Tenshi no Teze
  • GO!!!

FLOW was the last artist to go on stage for Saturday and it was worth the wait. Unlike the other artists, FLOW’s performance is better described as “groovy” rather than high tension. They started off with COLORS, a song with a nice beat to it. I don’t listen much to any of their songs so I can’t really compare, but they sound really amazing live. Arguably the best singing for the whole three days (other than Kuribayashi Minami which I’ll talk about later). They did a special cover song for this concert, and if you haven’t guessed it by now, it’s Zankoku na Tenshi no Teze. I can try to describe it in words but that wouldn’t do it justice so I’ll just stick with “frickin’ awesome”. The next and last song is GO!!! and it seriously brings back all those memories when I was a kid and was still watching Naruto on TV. That was about 8 years back and it still sounds amazing. It’s definitely a fitting end to the Saturday concert.



Hachiouji-P setlist (incomplete but in order)

Song Title – Vocaloid – Original Composer
Baby Maniacs – Hatsune Miku – Hachiouji-P
Just be friends – Megurine Luka – Dixie Flatline
Electric Love – Hatsune Miku – Hachiouji-P
Mozaik Role – GUMI – DECO*27
Rolling Girl – Hatsune Miku – wowaka
Senbonzakura – Hatsune Miku – 黒うさP
Matryoshka – Hatsune Miku & GUMI – Hachi-P
Black Rock Shooter – Hatsune Miku – ryo
Weekender Girl – Hatsune Miku – Hachiouji-P

Look at that setlist. Now look at it again. Right, now we can begin.

Kicking off the Sunday concert is Hachiouji-P, a rather famous Vocaloid producer and composer. To be honest, I’ve listened to quite a bit of his songs and also his latest “electric love” album and I’m not really impressed. Of course, he’s done some songs I liked a lot, like Weekender Girl and Baby Maniacs, but he was relatively low in my list. He started off with 2 or 3 songs I didn’t recognize and after a bit of audience interaction, he played Baby Maniacs and Just be friends. It’s a DJ performance and the songs were mixed to sound like dance music and they were awesome.  A little bit more audience interactions and then he started playing Electric Love. When he transitioned that to Mozaik Role, I pretty much went crazy (if you didn’t know, I am a huge fan of GUMI and DECO*27). The surprise didn’t even end there when he kept transitioning halfway through the songs into other famous songs and ended with his newest song Weekender Girl. The whole thing felt mind-blowingly amazing and I was very satisfied.

Now, for my (petty) complaints. I was really disappointed with lack of reaction from the audience when he started playing all those famous songs. I do understand that most people would only know the extremely famous Vocaloid songs like World is Mine or Melt, but these songs are songs which any self-respecting Vocaloid fan should know. Anyway, enough of my ranting. Hachiouji-P had certainly blown past my expectations and if there are anymore Hachiouji-P live performances nearby, you can bet I’ll be there.



Sea☆A setlist:

  • Entry!
  • Butter-Fly -English Ver.-
  • God Knows –English Ver.-

And coming off the high from Hachiouji-P’s performance, we have the buzz-kill that is Sea☆A. I’m sorry if I offended anyone but I just don’t like Sea☆A. Sure, they look kinda cute and have nice voices but the songs… Oh god, the songs. They are not that bad, but they’re definitely boring and forgettable. The only decent song they sang is a cover of God Knows, but my enjoyment was dampened due to the fact that it was the English version, of which I don’t know the lyrics. If they were to perform first it could have been at least decent for me, but they came after Hachiouji’s outstanding performance and that made all the difference.



Kuribayashi Minami setlist

  • signs ~Sakutsuki Ichiya~
  • Tsubasa wa Pleasure Line
  • Shining☆Days
  • Kimi no Naka no Eiyuu
  • Precious Memories

Kuribayashi Minami is up after Sea☆A and god, that is one sexy costume. I find myself guilty of not really listening to the performance and just staring at her >_<. She had a backless dress with a VERY short skirt. I noticed that she kept trying to adjust her skirt throughout her entire performance (I can’t help it okay!). She also commented on how “daring” her costume is and people started shouting “Mawatte! Mawatte!” to which she actually gave a quick spin on the stage. She also has a habit of ending her sentences with ne~ which sounds too damn cute.

On the actual performance itself, I can say that her voice is arguably the best sounding of all the other artists. I said the same thing about FLOW but their styles are quite different so yeah. I also noticed that she didn’t move much on stage. I’m guessing that if she did, there would be *ahem* stuff that can’t be broadcast. The only song I have is STRAIGHT JET but there are a few songs that I liked, namely Tsubasa wa Pleasure Line and Kimi no Naka no Eiyuu.



sphere setlist

  • Future Stream
  • Now loading…SKY!!
  • Hazy
  • Moonlight Densetsu
  • Happy Material
  • Non stop road
  • High Powered

When Kuribayashi Minami left the stage, so did numbered seating. People immediately rushed to the front of the stage since well, everyone knew that sphere was up next. Just a bit of information, each of the sphere members has her own image colour. Toyosaki Aki is green, Tomatsu Haruka is orange, Takagaki Ayahi is pink and Kotobuki Minako is purple. So if you somehow managed to get photos or a video of the sphere concert, you can see that the majority of people are wearing orange and waving orange lightsticks. There are also quite a lot of green, I saw a few pink lightsticks and purple stuff are almost nowhere in sight. That’s a popularity vote result right there.

For the songs, it’s the typical sphere “feel-good” songs and they’re awesome. Being top-tier VAs also meant that their singing voices are pretty much flawless. There were two special songs which apparently they have never performed before. One is Moonlight Densetsu, which some of you may know (just saying) is from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. The other song is Happy Material from Negima, which is a good choice since the original song has multiple voices. They ended with 2 of their most high tension songs, Non stop road and High Powered. By this time everyone was pretty much singing along and you can clearly hear the crowd during the choruses. sphere’s section is definitely one of the best for these 3 days of anisong concert.



May’n setlist

  • Northern Cross
  • Giant Step
  • Infinity
  • Aozora
  • Moshimo kimi ga negau no nara
  • Lion
  • Brain Diver
  • Chase the World

Finally, we have May’n to wrap up the whole show. This is her fifth time in AFA and she’s certainly very much loved here. I gotta say, I don’t listen to much May’n songs, but I like her voice. She can hit high notes and her voice will still sound powerful. I’d say the only problem is her songs, some of which are quite boring imo. However, there are a few songs I’ve never heard before in this concert which I liked, and that makes her section something like a 50/50 for me. Obviously, the concert has to end with her singing Chase the World and it was amazing. Chase the World is my favorite May’n song and hearing it live is a whole different experience altogether. The songs that appealed to me are Aozora, Moshimo kimi ga negau no nara, Lion and of course, Chase the World.

All in all, the three-day concert is definitely worth the money I spent on it. I would’ve liked to write more about each individual song and artiste but then this post wouldn’t be out until a few months later. Thanks for reading this long post and tell me your thoughts on the comments below.

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  1. Hiromi

    Damn, i should’ve went for the sphere concert

  2. Nishishishi


  3. Jason moofang

    I guess the feeling from the front rows are different. I was at the middle section and the only person I could hear singing along to sphere was.. me ^^;

    Also, I didn’t know about the character colors. Interesting that most were wearing Tomatsu’s color. I thought the cheers for Toyosaki sounded the loudest.

  4. Miyu

    Oh gosh if I was there for the Hachioji part I would’ve been in INSANE fangirl mode!! :c Listening to those songs DJ-ed live would’ve been so awesome! Highfive, I LOVE DECO*27! My favorite song from him is still boku mitaina kimi, kimi mitaina boku though hehe. Wish I could’ve been there for LiSA’s concert too! Her manager commented that she always cries during emotional songs (like Ichiban no Takaramono), which I find super endearing hehehe *crazed LiSA fan* Jelly of you! If she comes again next year I might just buy the tickets 8)

    Looking forward to subsequent posts from you! 😀

  5. Annoymous

    Hi Rakkyo.I wanted to discuss some things
    about the anisong concert with you.Is there some way that I can contact you excluding twitter since I don’t use it?

  6. Annoymous

    No I don’t have any questions.Just wanted to chat about the concert with you and it is going to be a long post.So it isn’t convenient to post it at here

  7. fuyuhi

    Baby Metal worst group 2012 hands down. I swear the Japs are genius. All they have to do is slap a cute face – a few cute faces in this case – onto something that doesn’t even sound half decent and it brings in all those weaboo money.

    I am so disappointed; whatever has happened to the once glorious music industry?

      • saviourshadow

        babymetal sang just fine loved wat they bring to the table besides if u wanna talk bout cute face talk bout kpop instead….

        • Iso

          Everyone has their own tastes and preferences I guess…

  8. Annoymous

    So Rakkyo I don’t mean to be pushy but is there any other way for me to contact you?For example your email or do you have myanimelist account?

  9. Annoymous

    Well I am reluctant to post this over here but looks like I have no choice since I have no idea how to contact you

    “Kuribayashi Minami is up after Sea A and god, that is one sexy costume.”
    Yes but I don’t think it is sexy enough.

    “I find myself guilty of not really listening to the performance and just staring at her”
    Well I don’t blame you but I was disspointed since I was expecting to see some cleavage

    “I noticed that she kept trying to adjust her skirt throughout her entire performance”
    Oh I never noticed that for minami but I noticed that with Yuri from move

    “She also commented on how “daring” her costume is”
    Well she usually wears daring costume for her live perfomance but this costume isn’t daring enough for me

    “I also noticed that she didn’t move much on stage. I’m guessing that if she did, there would be *ahem* stuff that can’t be broadcast”
    I think you are thinking too much into it.Althought if she wears a different costume with cleavage and moves around now that would make me a happy man.

  10. m.o.v.e .fan



    • Rakkyo

      Yeah man it’s really a pity that they decided to disband. motsu will probably still be active as part of ALTIMA. No idea about Yuri though. Also, you don’t have to shout 😀

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