Magical Suite Prism Nana Music Video Compilation

From the depths of the interwebs, a compilation of music videos for SHAFT’s upcoming anime Magical Suite Prism Nana has surfaced! Surprisingly, it not only contains footage from the existing trailers and PVs that have been released, but also entirely new content. Apart from that, songs featured in their previous PVs are extended as well, and new songs have been added.

From the looks of it, Prism Nana will be a very musical anime. The songs are not bad and the art is really awesome. I’m now expecting a lot from this anime, and I can’t wait to watch it! I hope it turns out to be really, really good.

[Thanks to Croos for sharing!]

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  1. Sleepy

    Imai Asami, KitaEri and Mimorin… the singing will be good!

  2. dai1313

    Wow, that is a lot of video. I almost start to think that they might be showing us too much!

    Yes, I too was getting the impression that it is very musical too. I was getting a little worried when the red one started crying a lake in the middle of her video but she got better and her rocket went vwooosh~ so perhaps the anime won’t be as dark as Madoka.

    • †Croos†

      >so perhaps the anime won’t be as dark as Madoka
      That won’t happen.
      I get the feeling like its like K-On on Symphogear while doing Madoka story as it goes on.

  3. †Croos†

    I swear if you put this on O2JAM or on OMGPOP this will become a hit.

  4. Tesseract

    Asuka appears to have lost someone important to her…

    Also, the way one of the “mascots” approaches her reminds me of Kyuubey.

    In the second video, you see a group of them watching a monitor(Portal?), which appears to be showing the Main Character’s daily lives…

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