Ragnarok Online 2 – Open Beta

With several setbacks, delays and empty promises, the official Ragnarok Online 2 Open Beta has finally arrived. If you’re one of those people who plans to play in the first few hours/days of the release, you may find yourself blocked out from the game.

Yes, even after the time they took to fix the issues of the game, it seems they still are barely able to handle the load of players logging in to the game. You might be considered lucky to be able to enter a channel.

However, the numerous amounts of players in game will make it displeasing to play. The constant lags and such are certainly a pain. The most glaring issues is that you’ll quickly realize that resources in the map are quick to become scarce. Even if you know a “safe” route to quickly get to the next town and leave the other players behind, it will not going to be very helpful to you as you’ll need to complete the earlier quests before moving on to the harder ones.

As you travel further inland, the lag issue will cease to be a problem. I would suggest soloing it out first rather than making a party if you ever hope to advance quickly to level 10 or 25 (For the lucky draw).

Overall, I would rate rather poorly on Ragnarok Online 2’s first OBT as its issue with lag and resource management posses a potential problem for players in the long run, when compared to other free to play MMO’s like RaiderZ and Wizardry Online which had a far better performance in its open beta release.

I would sincerely hope the management fix the issues that are present as this game has potential to be good..!


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