Blog Carnival: Anime and Wish Fulfillment

What is your wish…?

One of the reasons that anime, manga and games appeal to many of us is that they often provide some form of wish fulfillment for us viewers. We are drawn to these media because their content – be it action, fantasy or romance – allows us to live out a life that we could never possibly experience through the eyes and in the shoes of the characters.

In this post, I’d like to talk about some anime which I feel act as a form of wish fulfillment for me, and I’d like to invite other bloggers to do the same. Alright then, let’s start!


1. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu | The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

What I like about the Haruhi is how it seems to drive across the message that we should not submit ourselves to reality and instead dare to believe in our imagination. The concept that your classmate is a “God” who can warp reality to suit her own desires and thus even brought about the existence of aliens, time travelers and espers is something so amazing that I cannot begin to describe it in words. If anything, Haruhi reaches out to that side of me who wishes that I could change this mundane reality and make life way more interesting and fascinating.


2. Zero no Tsukaima | The Familiar of Zero

If anyone were to ask me what had me sold on Zero no Tsukaima (but no one ever asks), “The Setting” would be my answer. The idea of being transported to a parallel world reminiscent of the Middle Ages where magic exists is just enthralling, and I find the universe extremely interesting with its different countries, politics and social classes. Apart from that, I liked their magic system a lot: There’s the Pentagon of Five Elements – namely Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Void – and the progression of a magician from a dot mage to a line, triangle and eventually square mage as they incorporate more types of magic into their base element. Then, there is the concept of familiars and the unique powers bestowed upon the familiars summoned by void mages. Even the two moons in that alternate world contributed to its charm.

On top of the aforementioned points, I think there is something very romantic about falling in love in such a setting. All of these factors contribute to why I love Zero no Tsukaima so much and why it’s so memorable for me; I really do wish that I can venture into such a universe.


3. Sword Art Online

As someone who used to play MMORPGs I cannot help but be enticed by the concept of VRMMORPGs, where your entire consciousness is transferred to an online, in-game persona and you are completely immersed in a new environment. Without a doubt, this is the ultimate form of role-playing games, where you are actually able to fight monsters as if you were facing them in real life and interact with other people just as you would in reality.

It is exhilarating to fathom the prospect of being able to live in fantasy worlds as if they actually existed, and the excitement and adrenaline rush from fighting monsters would really be at a whole new level as compared to playing the games that we have right now in reality. That is wish fulfillment right there.

And thus, as you can probably already tell from my 3 choices, my wish fulfillment from anime comes in the form of being able to break away from the dull life I have. What about you? What anime did you think managed to satisfy a want of yours?


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  1. LessThanFree

    One show I will say I wish I could be in is Duel Masters.

    Remember that game with Shobu: the kid with the spiky hair? I loved the show. I thought it was hilarious at the time. I loved the card game. I brought my deck out in public and if I happened to meet a friend, we Duelled!

    The concept that a simple card game becoming a worldwide phenomenon where people Duel in tournaments in front of a sold out crowd sounded amazing.

    Don’t even mention becoming a Duel Master. I would be thrilled to just be watching the sports channel and be tuned in to a riveting final championship Duel for a huge sum of prize money. Commentators would speculate, the audience would be roaring. That’s what every kid I knew dreamed the card game would develop into.

    Realizing how bad the subsequent seasons were and the decline of the card game in my country woke me up from the dream, but it still remains my wish that a culture like the one in Duel Masters existed. I still keep my deck in my room. Ever ready for a challenge.

      • Tofu

        oooo~ Dual Masters, far I haven’t heard that in AGES xD Brings back a lot of memories, not just Dual Masters but Pokemon cards, Yu Gi Oh cards and all of that we did as children LOLS 😛

        • Sleepy

          Lol and my record piece of crap $0 deck that could still win people lol

          • LessThanFree

            Yeah, DM was a sizable part of my childhood.
            I was so sad when they stopped production.

  2. Kai

    I wish I could be in Higurashi, where I randomly become paranoid and kill people out of nowhere xD

    • Tofu

      wow that’s pretty dark Kai LOLS

      • Kai

        I had always dreamed of killing people, but morals and laws forbid me in doing so. In Higurashi though, things like morals and laws meant nothing, my ideal world xD

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