Episode Highlights: Love Live! School Idol Project #02

アイドルを始めよう! | Idol o Hajimeyou! | Let`s Be Idols!

This week we get Love Live!’s energetic Opening, Bokura wa Ima no Naka de, which showcases a great song performance but awkward CG animated choreography. I know that not all idol anime will have the resources to have a fully hand drawn dance animation during the stage performances scenes like The iDOLM@STER did. However, I do feel kinda dissapointed having experience what The iDOLM@STER’s stage performance were like.

The main plot for this episode is about a sorts of training arc for Honoka and Kotori to shape up in time for the concert they will be having in less than a months time from now. That reason being is Honoka’s realization that being an idol is not just fun and games but requires alot of effort to both be one and be successful at it. Furthermore, they lack a couple more things to be fully considered an idol group such as a composer and a name for themselves. They did manage to come up with a name, μ’s (A reference to the Greek Godesses of Inspiration of Literature, Science and the Arts), with the help of a first year student. However the real problem is to find a good composer. Honoka, being the stubborn girl she is once again decided to pester Nishikino Maki into helping her. She refuses. However with a little push from the Vice-Chairperson of the Student Council, she decides to help the aspiring idol, Honoka, from within the shadows.

The symbolization of happiness, joy, energy, optimism, and accomplishment.

That was a nice development from the first episode where Honoka was shown the hardships of being an idol. Being something as popular as an idol is definitely difficult and I hope that not only Honoka but the other idols are really prepared for it. Aside from that, Kotori is sooo moe this episode when she asked Umi-chan for her help in writing the lyrics for their songs. It was super effective on Umi-chan too as she backed down quite quickly.

This episode was certainly quite light hearted but there was one thing that stood out the most for me. It was Nishikino Maki statement that idol songs are not as “deep” as other genre like classical or jazz, in a way that makes them not as important or meaningful than the latter. I do agree with her somewhat but there are plenty of idol songs that I listen to that invoke quite a deal of emotion from me. Idol songs as a whole seem are supposed to be flashy and commercialized as these are what attracts the mainstream market. With Maki’s stand on idol groups as a whole, I would hope she would compose some emotionally striking songs for Honoka and her friends to perform. I would look forward to seeing (and listening.) to what Love Live! has in store for us.

Look forward to the next episode…


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