How Do You Watch Your Anime In 2013?

This is a guest post from Justin of Organization Anti-Social Geniuses.

Anime Set Up

Just to let you know — no, that is not my set-up. One can maybe dream though

So I recently thought of something partly inspired by Kai’s post involving his gaming set up, and I decided it would be best to write a post about it: how do you guys watch your anime? And when I mean how, I kind of mean the full details (hopefully, a comprehensive list):

Anime on Laptop

  • I can only believe this is the most common way to watch anime: on the the computer. But with a laptop, I can just place it on my bed, table, couch, just kick back, and not have to sit in a chair to watch it on a monitor. Of course, you can also take the laptop with you wherever, and watch an episode of whatever you want on the bus or train. At best, this is my default way of watching anime.

Anime on TV (Roku, Xbox, PS3, etc)

  • Of course, some like to expand their horizons and want to actually get the feeling of watching anime on TV just like in Japan or back in the days where anime used to be on TV. The best part is this is possible in a number of ways: either hook your laptop up to your LCD TV, get a Roku Player, or take advantage of the numerous ways to watch anime via your game consoles (Xbox, PS3, Wii), since they all have ways to watch anime online (like Hulu, Netflix, and Crunchyroll). So while they no longer air live all the time, at least you can’t say there’s no way to watch anime on TV anymore. You can only say, “There’s no way to watch anime like you used to!”

Anime on your PC Monitor

  • Now, it’s not like you can’t watch anime on your monitor, and where you can’t move it like a laptop (man, it’s been a while since I’ve done that!). In fact, if you get a comfy chair to sit in (probably one of those rolling chairs with an arm rest), it’ll probably be weird to watch anime any other way. Recently though I have been noticing a trend of multiple monitors (which, not surprisingly, surprised me!) in the past year or so, so that alone sounds like the ultimate anime watching setup, assuming it’s merely just for anime!

Anime on your mobile phones and devices (EDIT: And Tablets!)

  • Of course, carrying a laptop is pretty taxing, and maybe even carrying a netbook too is not something you want to do. Welp, that’s why there are mobile devices that allow someone to carry something light while on the move. There are apps for devices (like the Kindle and Android) that allow you to watch anime on it, so if you get the best service on your mobile device, then that’s some way to watch an anime. You can also watch anime on your  tablet (stuff like the iPad and iPhone, as aaeru pointed out), so that’s another light carrying device right there.

Anime viewed via projector

  • Finally, the option that I remembered I had used while at my school’s anime club: the projector! You know, a nice, modern looking one that allows you to hook up your DVD or BD player to the projector and along with a screen, play an anime. Of course, chances are this is the least likeliest set-up unless you have a whole room dedicated to watching stuff on a projector, but this is definitely is a possibility.

Feel free to share everything you can possibly share about how you best watch your anime. Do you guys have a nice HDTV with surround sound and a way to watch anime on it? Do you have two monitors to watch one anime on one screen and one on the other (if you so dare)? Or do you just have a basic laptop that allows you to watch anime? Showcase how you watch your anime with pride. Or something like that!

Justin is the founder of Organization Anti-Social Geniuses, a Japanese Pop Culture blog. You can find out more about the blog here and follow the site on Twitter.

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  1. aaeru

    i am not exciting at all, i just sit in front of my laptop screen…

    also I would have broken it further and made a category called Anime by Tablet. By the beginning of 2012, 1% of all internet browsing activity was already being done on a tablet.

  2. Tayau

    Yeah I watch anime on my tablet during breaks between classes etc. but not on public transport, kinda inconvenient and addiction indicating lol.

  3. lostty

    I switch from laptop to TV depending on my mood, but for the most part, my laptop is just the most convenient way to go!

  4. steev

    What you have pictured above is similar to my setup. I have a laptop though. I just leave my laptop on my desk, I don’t move it unless I take it somewhere. I have the screen extended to my 32″ HDTV so I can browse and do other things if I want.

    I watch anime pretty much solely via my laptop, with exception to watching DVDs/Blurays of stuff I own through my PS3. It is just easier to watch weekly anime on my laptop. I am not that impressed with how anime looks streaming from my 360 and PS3. Plus I prefer downloading my anime still. It just gives me a physical copy so I can take screenshots or save if I want to.

  5. Hanners

    I have my laptop hooked up to a 40″ Samsung LED SmartTV over HDMI via a Pioneer A/V receiver and 5.1 channel speaker setup – I use this for watching fansubbed and streaming anime, and do upscaling of 720P content to 1080P using the laptop’s CPU grunt and upmix audio to Dolby Digital 5.1. In short, I try to make anime look as gorgeous as possible!

    As for anime on Blu-Ray, I have a hacked region-free Toshiba Blu-Ray player hooked up to the same TV and speaker setup for watching stuff on physical media.

    When I’m out and about, the laptop in question has a 1080P screen and Blu-Ray drive, so I can use that comfortably for whatever I want to watch.

    I do have a tablet and smartphone that I could use for watching stuff on if I really need, but I’m too much of a picture quality whore to ever use it for that kind of thing!

      • Hanners

        I bought a Sony laptop that shipped with a Blu-Ray drive out of the box.

        To be honest, taking screenshots from Blu-Ray is a pain in the ass – you effectively have to defeat all of the copy protection, rip the contents of the disc and then use something like Media Player Home Cinema, FFDshow etc to take screen grabs. In short, it’s far more complex than it should be in my experience.

  6. Nadav

    Hmmm…when I stream anime I plug my laptop to my HDTV using an HDMI cable. When I watch DVDs or BDs I also use my HDTV with either my PS3 or my Premier DVD player (I specify me watching equipment at the end of each review).

    I’m not really a fan of watching on a laptop since my laptop is big and heavy. There’s only one thing I must do on my PC and that’s to check 5.1 surround settings. You see, my HDTV is not connected to any sound system, but one of my PCs has a surround sound system and a BD drive, so whenever I write a review for one of my DVDs/BDs I pop it in to the computer for an episode or two just to get the “surround sound” feel before I write the final review.

  7. Sabas

    24″ computer monitor. Wouldn’t mind getting another one so I can comment about a show on Twitter while I’m watching it. 😛

  8. Cybersteel

    Depending on my mood, I watch them either on my laptop, connect via TV, on my android phone, PSP or PSVita.

  9. Kuro

    I just watch my anime on laptop, nothing special. I also watch anime alone 99% of the time.

  10. Iso

    My laptop is my only rig, so my only choice to watch anime on it.

    I don’t really approve of watching anime on the go because:

    1) You can’t fully concentrate on what you’re watching.

    2) Phone screens are still pretty small in general and sometimes you have to squint to read the subtitles. Not only that, you don’t get to appreciate the full glory of watching it on a larger screen.

    3) It drains the battery of your mobile device very quickly.

  11. d-LaN

    I usually watch my anime when I’m eating food on my PC. Sometimes I have a chat open so I can put my thoughts there.

  12. Kai

    I do almost every single thing on my PC monitor, lol, and that includes watching anime. The multi-monitor set up is really cool, though I don’t think it’s merely for anime. In fact, how the heck do you watch anime on two screens? Visually, it should be fine, but you will be hearing sounds from two different anime, unless you’re some kind of super robot that can filter sound to one particular anime and filter another set of sound to another anime all in real time, lol xD

    I had never tried watching anime on my PS3 before, but I had already readied some OVAs I haven’t watch on it xD

    I watched anime on my smartphone too (would had love a tablet like ipad or tab but sadly I don’t have one). The phone is a good way to finish up some episodes I left on the last night ;p

    • Cybersteel

      We call that robot Divine.

    • Sleepy

      i think split screens is so you can skype twitter etc and watch anime fullscreen, well that would be my idea setup

  13. [c] control

    For me it depends on what I’m watching.

    Laptop: – anything subtitled. I find trying to read subtitles on a large screen is distracting.
    – I use websites such as Crunchyroll, Funimation, AnimeNewsNetwork, and Viki.

    42in LCD TV: – anything dubbed; or when I’m watching with friends. Mostly Blurays and DVDs.

  14. Mouse

    Like most people I have several methods 😀

    At home if I’m watching something with the kids like squid girl its on the TV, if I’m watching it off Crunchy Roll its on the monitor.

    Outside of the house on the way to work I watch anime on my Nexus 7 Tablet and once at work if its quiet… shush don’t tell the boss! I’m back on the monitor 😀

    I’ve started watching Fairy Tail subbed on the computer with my son as he’s getting to the point of reading now where he can read it, he’s enjoying it and… He’s learning without even realising 😛

    Ahhhhh the fun of parenting :)

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