Weekly Seiyuu Info Bits 1

I’m gonna start a new series of posts which summarises the week’s (interesting) seiyuu-related news/information. This might benefit people who only have personal time on the weekends to catch up with non-work related stuff.

This is divided into 2 sections, News (for news), Informational (for info that might be interesting). The posts will be out every Friday night GMT +8/9 (this part of the world) and will contain information from the previous 7 days inclusive of the Friday it is posted on.

Week of 20th to 25th January.


Tamura Yukari’s 23rd Single on sale on the 17th of April. This single will be the OP theme for Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko. The title has yet to be announced. [source]

Imai Asami’s 10th Single goes on sale on the 27th of March.  Titled “Dear Darling”, 6 tracks in total, half off vocal. [source]

Hara Yumi’s 2nd single goes on sale on the 27th of March. Titled “Hotarubi”, 6 tracks in total, half off vocal. [source]

Hanazawa Kana’s 4th single’s release celebration event was held on the 20th of January. The jacket image/photo of her upcoming album ‘claire’ which is to be released on the 20th of February was revealed at the event. [source]

Cover art for ‘claire’


Uesaka Sumire’s Behind the Scenes shots for February issue of Seiyuu Grandprix’s ‘Hair change corner’  [here]

Hanazawa Kana’s 4th Single – silent snow – is doing well in the Oricon weekly charts (Singles)



Tomatsu Haruka’s 2nd Album – sunny side story – is doing well in the charts too


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