Episode Highlights: Love Live! School Idol Project #06

センターは誰だ? | Center wa Dare da? | Who Is the Center?

The culmination of μ’s hard work and training are finally made apparent in this episode. That is, if scores from Karaoke machines and arcade games are an accurate indicator of an idol’s proficiency…

That being said though, getting a high score in one try for any song in Karaoke is definitely an impressive feat. I can assure you that it isn’t as easy as it seems.

Putting aside the interview shenanigans of the idol group, we get a brief insight on what each member of μ does to contribute. We have: Umi composing the lyrics; Kotori makes up the choreography and perhaps the designs of their costumes; Maki as far as I can tell from previous episodes would probably handle the music; and Nico has the experience of being an idol. I can sort of excuse Hanayo and Rin as they are both first years and inexperienced at being an idol. However, Honoka seems to do absolutely nothing for the idol group despite being the leader.

The lack of a proper leader prompts Nico to persuade the others to take part in various activities. Her plan was to make herself leader. Unfortunately, that plan of hers backfired as Nico realized that each member of μ has about equal competency as Nico herself. Better luck next time Nico ;P

An interesting conclusion to the episode was when Honoka herself suggested that everyone can take turns to take center stage and have their own solo performance, which is what a leader of an idol group usually does. Even though what was suggested was quite unique, everyone gave their full support to Honoka. With that, she is dubbed the unofficial leader of μ for having the sheer perseverance, passion and the ability to think differently from the norm.



Just as Planned!

There is one thing I like to mention about Honoka. Rather than being a slacker, doesn’t Honoka do quite a lot of idol research? One would think that it may be important to check out the competition and offer something unique that only μ can offer. Even if she slacks a lot physically, it doesn’t mean her mind is not always thinking, coming up with new. fresh ideas for the idol group.

Moving on to Kotori, there are some hints here and there about her involvement in “something”. We didn’t really get any definitive hints of what it might be but Kotori, I have my eye is on you :P. If I have to make a wild guess, she probably has a job as a maid at a maid cafe. That’s the only non-R rated thing I could think of which would be more embarrassing than performing live on stage!!!

Let’s Get Started!



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  1. TheMoondoggie

    LOL Kotori was almost exposed back there as a maid. I know students in middle school and highschool are forbidden to work at those types of establishments spo you have to wonder why and how she ended up back there, assuming she is the popular maid Minalinsky(?) the show hinted.

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