Anime of ‘Golden Time’ Light Novel Series by Yuyuko Takemiya Green Lit

Golden Time the latest Light Novel series by Yuyuko Takamiya, the author of Toradora! and Watashitachi no Tamura-kun, has been green lit for an anime series. According to Mainichi Shimbun’s Mantan Web site the anime will be coming out this year!

Five volumes of the main story and two side story volumes of Golden Time, which can also be translated as “Prime Time”, have been published so far, starting in 2010. There is also a manga adaptation that began last year. A very well done translation project for the light novels has almost gotten through volume 2 of the light novels at Baka-Tsuki.

The romantic comedy light novel series follows the story of Tada Banri, an incoming freshman at a law school in Tokyo, who is starting college a year late due to an accident that resulted in his losing his personal memories from the first 18 years of his life. (To be clear, he still remembers stuff he learned in school, but doesn’t remember his friends and family at all.) The other main characters are:
Yanagisawa Mitsuo – A fellow incoming freshman who becomes Banri’s first friend at college. He enrolled in this college partially as an attempt to get away from problems concerning “the opposite sex”.

Kaga Kouko – The member of the opposite sex that Mitsuo was trying to escape. She has a long range plan for the two of them to marry, regardless of Mitsuo’s opinion on the matter. She is pictured above, on the cover from Volume 1 of the series.

Hayashida Nana – Better known as “Linda”, she is a 2nd year student at the same college and seems to have known Banri in high school.

Banri’s Former Self – In a departure from her previous work, this story features a supernatural aspect, in that the spirit, or ghost, of Tada Banri’s 18 year-old self that he can no longer remember is along for the ride, offering insight and sarcastic commentary on the plight of our frequently befuddled protagonist.

Having read one and a half volumes of the light novels, I can personally vouch for this as a series to look forward to. With the same great character building and romantic tension we are familiar with from Toradora!, Takemiya-sensei has built a wonderful story, with a touch of the supernatural and a more mature story-line, with the characters being of college age, with drinking parties, live shows, and other aspects of living on your own in the big city for the first time. There is also a good deal of otaku-reference humor, including a character that is the spitting image of one of the main characters in the manga/anime Nana. In addition, the character designs, especially for Kouko and Linda, are fantastic!

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