Episode Highlights: Love Live! School Idol Project #12

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Whatever life may bring, whether good or bad, keep living because nothing lasts forever!

With all this excitement surrounding Love Live and idol rankings I had forgotten the reason why Honoka made μ in the first place. To save the school. Initially, I thought the school principal was being too harsh on μ but now I realize that she was right after all. There’s no point in competing if you have no school to represent. Things worked out fine for them after all even if they had to withdraw from the Love Live event.

Time Alter… Double Accel…

Well not quite.

Kotori’s intent on studying costume design (fashion design or something like a clown costume? not sure) abroad was exposed by Umi. This caused some tension between Kotori and Honoka. The other members of μ tried to cheer Honoka up to no avail. Honoka remained thoroughly depressed which caused Nico to fly into a fit of rage. Maki tried to stop her by hugging Nico very very tightly. And I mean very tightly.

In the end, Honoka decided to quit being a school idol as there were no longer any meaning to continue further. In response to Honoka’s decision to quit, Umi gave her a slap to the face. The very first ever recorded use of violence in this series.

Was Honoka right in quitting? No one can say for sure as everyone is entitled to their own decisions. Kotori did quit μ of her own free will too so is it really wrong for Honoka to follow suit. No matter what happens nothing last forever. Not even a school idol group like μ.

Hopefully, everything will be resolved soon. Having the heavy, emotional stuff last any longer for love live would be suffering. However, I believe that μ will be able to resolve their internal conflict and pull through like they always do in the end.

Last episode of Love Live! next week!!!


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  1. Zen

    Heavy drama! Now we just have to wait for the final episode to see how the girls make it right. Not to mention, hold our breath for season 2! (Since the Vol. 1 BluRay sold over 18K in the first week, it should be a lock to get more anime! The question is: What will they do about those pesky graduating seniors and that girl that is moving abroad?)

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