KyoAni “Free!” Swimming Anime Announced!

Yes people, it’s official! After all the ruckus that the Kyoto Animation commercial for a swimming-themed anime stirred, they have just confirmed that the show is indeed getting an anime. You can watch the official PV for the anime above.

KyoAni had earlier put up a countdown site that counted down to their announcement of their new anime series, with a link to the live announcement video on Nico Nico Douga. And yes, this is it.

Key slides from the presentation:


For those who have not watched the original TV commercial, you can watch it below:

The official site for the anime is now up at, which stands for “Iwatobi Swimming Club”. Do check it out for more details!

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  1. Kai

    Lol, oh noes.

  2. AnimeNOW

    I think I’m gay now…?

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