Hiromi in Kyoto: Day 6

Day 6 – 

  1. Walk to Toji
  2. Lunch at Yoshinoya
  3. Walk along Kamogawa to Sanjo
  4. Sanjo
  5. Walk back to hotel
  6. Dinner from Lawson.
  7. end of day.

Places visited –

  • Toji
  • Kamogawa (Kamo River)

Today’s trip is to Toji, just a few minutes (not more than 30mins) walk away from Kyoto station. So we decided to travel on foot.

Toji dates back to the Heian period.

The pagoda of Tō-ji stands 54.8 m high, and is the tallest wooden tower in Japan – wikipedia

Petals have fallen

National treasure sign

One of the temple’s halls

The shrine on the temple’s grounds (on the right)

After that its lunch at Yoshinoya, and the Kamogawa walk.

We walked all the way from Toji to Sanjo along the river. There were some bridges on the way and the busiest ones were Shijo and Sanjo bridges. The riverside from Gojo to Sanjo were lined with people too. I guess its because its a Sunday.

Kyoto Tower seen from between 2 buildings

On the way back along the river. It was about time for the sun to set.

Kyoto Tower against the setting sun

It was a nice scene. Some locals stopped to take photos too.

The only form of transport today was by foot. About 6km+ of walking done.

Got dinner from Lawson. Convenience stores here are really convenient.

end of day.

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