Review: Aiura #10, #11

“Sensei, your favourite barbie doll in class is here!”

We’re finally seeing more characters now: Yamashita sensei, Matsuno sensei and Wakatsuki sensei finally came back for real, Yanancho gets a bit of airtime as well, and Kanaka actually speaks Kansai-ben!

They finally brought back the all too familar manzai act between Wakatsuki and Matsuno as the opening gag while Kanaka goes around the school playing “Guess who”.
Conversation later radically shifts to “what do high school girls usually do.” when Saki chides Kanaka of her silly game – not that it gets serious and logical anyway!  Everyone is happy that Summer vacation is starting, and apparently Yamashita sensei hasn’t been too diligent about her work too :3

Humour for this 2 episodes are still very mild and everyday life – Kanaka is still being retarded as usual. But its nice to see the teachers being the main for the jokes for these two episodes after so long.  I’m very looking forward to the next last episode now – summer vacation is like this “sure fire hilarious and ridiculous” backdrop for a lot of  shows with a similar genre.
(That also means Misuzu probably won’t be in on the last one now????)

I worry a lot about the ending though – slice of life tend to have non satisfying endings. sigh.


Misuzu puts words into Matsuno sensei and tells the whole world he is a pervert. This one never gets old really :3

Kanaka also asks Ayuko for her height. Ayuko looks pissed in a cute way.


Kanaka describes herself to the homeroom sensei. The description scares me…=_=




Saki doesn’t give a f*** and elbows Kanaka straight. 

not sure if Kanaka spoke Kansai Ben throughout. But I was pretty shocked when she said ‘Akan!’

Saki is pretty happy on the results. LOL.


Yananchou thinks High School girls should be studying. Kanaka can’t make sense out of it.

Ayuko offers a more interesting ( and thankfully more sane) answer….


Saki doesn’t want to go to the last day of school in Ep 11 and say she’d be a NEET. But she doesn’t want to be worse than Kanaka either.  Ha!


Kanaka has very bad fashion sense as a High school student.

Yamashita sensei looks like she needs a vacation.



I have no idea why they are acting melancholic in the rainy weather… Ayuko is still cute though.


I loved this ending for episode 11. The stupid smile on Kanaka. the repeating doorbell rings. the pillow.



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  1. MegaTuga

    That… doorbell…. pillow…. pff….pff…. Dang it. I’m grinning like a maniac again.
    I didn’t saw that joke being thrown at us again but, man, I don’t remember laughing this much XD

    Also one has to wonder what exactly Yamashita-sensei has in her mind if she doesn’t care about the students and the school and yet she is a teacher…

    Also melancholic Kanakana seems to be really there just for laughs and nothing else. I can’t imagine a girl like her to be depressed :)

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