Anime Preview: Kimi no Iru Machi (A Town Where You Live) Part 2

Once again, as with the previous preview post, there will be spoilers here! If you don’t want them, don’t read more…

In my previous preview post, I got through chapter 41 of the manga in my attempt to give non manga readers a way to understand the story up to the point that the anime will be starting, which is the “Tokyo Arc”. In that chapter, Haruto had just been dumped by Nanami Kanzaki, the girl he has been crushing on for over three years, because of how close he is to Yuzuki. He decided that he can’t treat Yuzuki differently just to get his wish to date Nanami, since he considers Yuzuki to be practically family. In addition, he acknowledged that it was really him that has been saved by Yuzuki, over and over. Her presence is what gave him the courage to even try to get close to Nanami, and she continues to be his strength now after being dumped. So… on with the story…

Part 2: From Family to Love to Long Distance Love to Heartbreak

It is finally time for the little troublemaker to head back home to Tokyo, and Aoi wouldn’t hear of sending a young girl off to Hiroshima Station with out an escort, so she sends Haruto with her to make sure she gets on the train safely. When they get there it is after 9:45 am, so she will have to wait for the next train in a half hour. Rin  guilts him into staying until she gets on the train and he suggests killing time in an arcade. She tries to win a stuffed bear from a crane game and is failing badly, so Haruto takes over and wins it for her. He is shocked at how much she seems like a cute, innocent girl when he gives her the bear. She then drags him around to get a drink, then shopping, then a snack, and by the time he gets her to get on the train it is already 3:00 pm. She then asks him why he wasn’t able to leave her alone? She says that she was really curious when he would snap and say, “Stop being stubborn”. But once she hung out with him, she realized how good he is at taking care of other people and finally understood that he is really nice to everybody and why everyone in Hiroshima likes him so much. But, she tells him, it is also the reason he was dumped. When she leaves, she manages to make him blush be making him promise to keep their “date” a secret, then after the train leaves she sends a text thanking him for the bear and saying she will “treasure it.” Perhaps Rin isn’t all bad…

The story moves toward the end of summer, with Haruto getting embarrassed by not knowing how to fish for eels and having Kanzaki-sempai show him up in front of Yuzuki and then Yuzuki joins Akari, Takashi, and Haruto for their annual tradition: copying Haruto’s summer homework. Evidently he has gotten the other two through school for the past 10 years by helping them out with their homework all the time. This year they discover that Yuzuki’s homework is actually easier to understand and just as well done as Haruto’s, which almost seems to upset him. Afterward, they talk about plans for after graduation. Both Akari and Takashi say they want to sample city life. Yuzuki figures she’ll go back to Tokyo, and in a surprise, Haruto says he might just go to Tokyo, too. It surprises everyone and he says that he liked it when he was there before, which the other two didn’t know about. Yuzuki seems inordinately happy about this development.

Then it is time for the well worn favorite, the school cultural festival! First they have to pick people to be on the planning committee. Yuzuki volunteers first, then Haruto gets volunteered because he naturally comes with her as a package deal, at least according to the rest of the class. Himiro, a kid from the baseball team volunteers so he can skip practice, then they need another female. Interestingly, Nanami appears to be about to raise her hand when a new character is heard from. She is a girl with braids and glasses named Kikukawa that is remarkably similar to Izumiko from Red Data Girl, including being shy and mousy. It turns out that she volunteered because she admires Yuzuki and wants to be more like her. She was thinking working on the committee with her may “rub off”. The committee meets to decide what the class will do for the festival and Yuzuki wants to do a maid cafe. There are a few bad puns tossed about, but in the end, they choose to do the maid cafe idea. Yuzuki takes Kikukawa off to the home economics room to try out an idea and comes back with her de-braided, glasses off, wearing an apron that almost completely hides her school uniform. She looks unbelievably cute! When Haruto is checking out Yuzuki’s handiwork, he discovers that it isn’t just that the apron covers her skirt, she is not wearing one. Massive embarrassment ensues, but the decision to do a maid cafe is settled.

They set to work modifying the aprons and it turns out that Kikukawa is a wiz at sewing. As a result, the majority of the work gets tossed to her. In the long run, she actually makes full maid costumes for all of the servers. Next it is time to set the menu. They banter about a few things and finally decide to add some apple dishes to the menu, since apples are a Hiroshima crop. They decide that they need to ask Nanami if she can get her family to donate the apples from their orchard and Haruto is assigned the task of asking her. He is horribly nervous but manages to ask her. Afterward, she smiles and says she is glad they could talk. Himiro then pats himself on the back for his plan to get Haruto and Nanami talking again. It turns out he actually planned this. They talk about it and Himiro tells him that he shouldn’t give up yet, since he wasn’t told by Nanami that she dumped him because of Yuzuki. Could Rin have been lying?

That evening Haruto asks Nanami to walk home with him. On the way, he works up the courage to ask her the reason why she rejected him. He asks if, perchance, she talked to Rin about it and confirms that the reason Rin gave was accurate. He says that he understands and “it can’t be helped”. Knowing that, he feels he can finally give up on her and they can go back to being friends. However, he does ask her for one favor: Please don’t tell Yuzuki about it. He thinks she would feel really bad about it and it would make her uncomfortable at home and … he kind of rambles on about it a bit then:


It seems that Haruto got his wish after all. He was dumped with a slap! Nanami snaps, slaps him in the face, and yells at him, saying “Don’t treat me like an IDIOT!” When he tries to explain what he meant and says that Yuzuki is the kind of person that would get hung up on something like that and if she heard it would shock her. Nanami continues to yell, saying “Just cut it out. That is what I don’t like!!” She goes on a bit more calmly, saying “I did want to go out with you.” But, every time they got together, whether the shopping trip or the festival or whatever, “Every single time… the one you choose isn’t me, but Yuzuki?” She says she was obviously concerned about that and asked herself if he really liked her. She accuses him of not thinking of her feelings, “like today, we ended up talking about Yuzuki-chan. If you don’t like me then stop abusing me. The one you actually like is Yuzuki-chan, right?”

Haruto goes home feeling like a real jerk. He didn’t realize that the way he acted toward Yuzuki hurt Nanami so much. He starts to wonder if he really does like Yuzuki. When he gets home, she is going to cook for him. He tries to keep her from destroying the place and making a big mess and thinks to himself that when he is with her he doesn’t have time to be depressed. Once again, Yuzuki has waited to eat until he got home, which he should realize is a sign of something. He decides that it isn’t “love” (but he’s wrong) but he just likes their relationship as it is now. They are so comfortable together. Yuzuki seems to have something on her mind. She seems to want to put off talking about it, but he tells her to go ahead. She tells him that she is thinking about moving back to Tokyo for the next school year.

She says that it is all thanks to Haruto. Her brother convinced her parents that it would be best for her to move home and deal with their family problems, mostly because of Haruto’s intervention when they went to Tokyo. He puts on a brave face, but when Yuzuki is out of the room, he is obviously upset. His sister gets home and they talk about it. He makes excuses for his mood about his fight with Nanami and the sacrifices he’s made for Yuzuki and saying that he thinks she’s being selfish. Aoi tells him he has that backwards. He himself helped her get her family situation straightened out, but he is mad that she is leaving? She tells him to just go ahead and admit to himself how he really feels for Yuzuki and has for a long time! He thinks back on all the times he helped her or she helped him over the past school year and comes to a realization: the things he did weren’t all for her, he just wanted her to be by his side. He has fallen for her, just like she predicted.

Haruto is moody all the next day at school and can’t seem to keep his mind off of Yuzuki. When he gets ready to go home, his bike has a flat tire, so he takes it to get fixed and is going to walk home. Yuzuki sees him and offers to give him a ride on her bike for a change. This ends in failure, as in head first into a rice paddy. After they take her bike to get fixed too, they start the long walk home together. He is surprisingly nervous, given his newly acknowledged feelings. As they walk, their hands brush against each other and his heart leaps. As they walk, he makes a decision and holds her hand. She is a bit shocked, blushes furiously, and eventually lets go of his hand, making a joke about her hands being “warm now”. He let his feelings take control and may have just made another girl feel awkward around him. Poor boy!

The next day after school, Kikukawa has brought in the maid outfit she made. Yuzuki looks adorable in it and everyone loves it, but when asked Haruto says, “Yeah, looks good.” She looks quite sad. Himiro asks him why he is being so cold and he thinks to himself that he feels awkward when he looks at her. Kanzaki-sempai comes in to get his wayward ballplayer back to practice, and renews his offensive on Yuzuki, telling her he was serious when he said he wants to take her to the “Kouyasai”, which he had mentioned before. Yuzuki isn’t really clear on what that is and asks Kikukawa. She says it is a folk dance around a bonfire at the end of the festival. The school tradition is that if you dance with the person you like at the Kouyasai, you will start dating. Kikukawa asks her what she will do if sempai really asks her to the dance and she replies that she’ll think about it when the time comes. Yuzuki runs off to tennis practice and Haruto wonders if she sounded like she is really thinking about going to the dance with Kanzaki-sempai because he was acting cold to her.

It turns out that Himiro, while messing around, broke Kikukawa’s glasses and she doesn’t have a spare pair at school. She asks Haruto to walk her home, on the way she conveniently trips and has to grab him for support. He tells her to hold his arm so she doesn’t get hurt, but all the while he worries that someone will see them and misunderstand and that Yuzuki will find out and think he is some kind of player. He starts to understand how Yuzuki might have felt embarrassed about him suddenly holding her hand like that. While they walk Kikukawa asks if he is planning on confessing to anyone at the dance and he says he isn’t. He asks her if she is and she say yes. He drops her off and thinks to himself that he doesn’t have the courage to ask Yuzuki to the dance and confess, but he really didn’t think that holding her hand would have the effect of making them more distant. After he leaves, Kikukawa takes her spare glasses out of her school bag and thinks, “Sorry Kirishima-kun. I just had to go home together with you!!” He is the guy she likes!

The day of apple picking has arrived, and the committee has to go to the Kanzaki orchard to pick apples for the festival. Haruto is pretending to not feel well so he doesn’t have to deal with seeing Nanami. Yuzuki tells him that if he doesn’t feel well not to push himself, as Kanzaki-sempai is going to help. That gets him moving, as he doesn’t want the older student putting moves on Yuzuki. When they get to the orchard, Nanami isn’t there and neither is Himiro, because of a baseball tournament, which Kanzaki-sempai is evidently skipping to help them. Kikukawa is wearing her hair down and flirting with the oblivious Haruto and Kanzaki-sempai is openly and blatantly flirting with Yuzuki. It is really bothering Haruto, as is the fact that things are still very awkward between he and Yuzuki. When they are done, Kanzaki-sempai is going to drive the apples to the school and put them in their classroom. Haruto offers to help, but sempai says he’ll make Himiro do it. Haruto sees a chance to be alone with Yuzuki and get past the awkwardness so they can talk normally again. He asks if she wants to go shopping for dinner and she runs away saying she is going to help sempai with the apples, saying she forgot something in the classroom. Haruto says he’ll go to and sempai tells him to go on home. He is crushed as he watches her get in the truck and go away, wondering if he is being avoided.

He slumps down and Kikukawa comes to ask if he is ok. He asks her how she would feel if some guy she wasn’t dating suddenly held her hand? She says if it was the guy she likes, she would be fine with it. He wonders if this means that Yuzuki doesn’t like him, even though she had said she did before. Heaving a heavy sigh, he apologizes to Kikukawa for asking such a strange question and says “let’s go home.” Kikukawa then becomes the first of a recurring type of character in the manga: the girl that totally misunderstands Haruto’s words and thinks he likes her. She grabs his hand and says, “It’s OK… I don’t hate it.” She then confesses to him and says she never dreamed that he liked her all along too! He tries to correct this misunderstanding, but she takes it as shyness and says she will wait for him to confess at the dance and heads home. Haruto is beside himself. He gets home and wonders how things turned out this way. When Yuzuki gets home, she avoids him some more and says she ate with Sempai. He wonders why she used to avoid being alone with sempai and is now avoiding him…

The next day at the festival, the cooking crew for the cafe is Haruto, Nanami, and Kikukawa, which is massively uncomfortable for him. He worries that little miss-communication will blurt out something about “mutual love” in front of Nanami. Then he sees Yuzuki and Kanzaki-Sempai talking in the hallway and cuts himself. Kikukawa asks if he is OK and he says he just needs to suck on it, then she does it for him, much to his dismay.

After Akari takes Kikukawa away to fix the her costume so it isn’t so tight on her chest, Haruto starts to blather about how shocking that was to Nanami, who fixes him with a cold glare and says that he doesn’t have to make excuses to her.

Haruto gets a sudden stroke of luck. While Kanzaki-sempai is flirting with Yuziki, Takashi calls her away and asks Haruto to go with her to get something from the storeroom. It not only gets her away from Sempai, who Haruto thinks she is getting along far to well with, but it gives him a chance to try to fix things with her. On the way, he mentions that they haven’t been talking much lately and asks if it is because he held her hand. She says yes, because it is the first time he had done something like that and she didn’t know what she should do. He starts to make an excuse and can’t think of anything, then he impulsively grabs her hand and says, “We’re holding hands!! Don’t worry about it!!” He says he holds hands with Akari and his sister all the time, and even held hands with Takashi and Himiro the other day.  She says that she knows that can’t be true and he replies that he is just that kind of guy. This makes her laugh and she says “Okay, then I won’t worry about it because you’re that kind of guy.” The awkwardness is gone and they are holding hands… The festival committee is called to the grounds to prepare for the Kouyasai and they agree that they need to get going. Yuzuki says “Kouyasai, huh?” and Haruto wonders if she is thinking about Sempai. She asks him if he is going to ask anyone to the dance and he says, “Not right now. But what about you.” She replies, “Hey, Haruto-kun? Take me then.” Perhaps his feelings are getting across after all? When he reacts with surprise and asks about the fact that Kanzaki-sempai was going to ask her, she passes it off as a joke. He isn’t sure about that…

Evidently the Kouyasai is kind of a two part thing and if a girl accepts when you ask her to it, it is equivelant to her agreeint to date you. At the dance, Takashi is bummed about not having a date after asking several girls, Akari is a bit smug about having turned two guys down, then she asks Nanami how many guys asked her and she says “Oh, about 10…” which pisses Akari off. Haruto see’s Yuzuki standing alone and asks her to dance. While they are dancing, she is very quiet and kind of upset looking. Haruto makes small talk about all the couples going off together and becoming “official couples”, ask her if she was asked by a bunch of guys, and wonders why she is ignoring him. Then he has a thought… “So, what did you decide to do if Sempai asked you to go with him?” She shoot him a glare, brakes off the dance, starts walking away, and throws an “IDIOT!” at him over her shoulder. He stands there stunned for a moment, then grabs her hand and, in front of every one, asks her to go to the Kouyasai with him.

Haruto starts to lead her away and then Kanzaki-sempai comes up and tries to stop him, and reminds him that Kikukawa is standing behind him waiting for him to confess to her. Haruto apologizes to her and runs away with Yuzuki. Once they are alone, Yuzuki thanks him for stopping Kanzaki-sempai from asking her out, saying that was the real reason he took her away, right? He tries to tell her how he feels and she stops him, saying, “Even if a guy I like confessed to me I would have no intentions of dating him.” After all, she is going back to Tokyo soon and they would just have to break up anyway. He says that is way too selfish and she says it is only a “what if”.

He then pins her against the wall and says, “So what if I liked you… would you not approve of it? Even if it’s just half a year or even just a month, please go out with me! I Like You! … I think …. That’s probably what I’d say… ” Then she says, “Even if you say that to me… I’m still uncomfortable by it.” He ask what the problem is and she says that she has prepared herself and decided to go, but despite that, if I date that guy… then I definitely won’t want to go back to Tokyo. That’s why, even though I’m really happy about this… I really can’t… Sorry… ” Then she pushes him away and says, “Is probably what I’ll say… Even if it is someone I really like.” Then they walk away holding hands, because he has set up the scenario where that is “safe” already, and he thinks that, if his confessing would cause Yuzuki pain and suffering, he would rather spend the next six months like this. Close… like family, even though he wants to be her boyfriend.

The manga then does one of those time skips and it is the day before Yuzuki leaves for Tokyo. Takashi wonders why they never dated and asks if he is really OK with her leaving like this, since he can tell that his best friend is in love. That evening Yuzuki comes into his room and they talk about the year they’ve spent together, and Yuzuki tells him that she probably wouldn’t have come if he hadn’t helped her when they were little and told her that if she needed help, to come see him. It is clear that she has more to say and something important, but she can’t bring herself to do it. The next morning, he gets her up before the sunrise and takes her out to show her something at the river, ice flowers. It is drifting ice that forms flower like shapes when it is really cold, and it is beautiful. She thanks him and says that, even when she goes back to Tokyo, she won’t forget this. Then, he finally says what he needs to say. “Don’ t go back to Tokyo… Stay by my side forever.” She says she has already decided to go. He asks if they can have a long distance relationship. She counters that his feelings might change. He says that won’t happen, but she has the perfect reply: “But you did, didn’t you? Just a little while ago… You liked Nanami-chan a lot. Even if you say you like me now, can you honestly tell me that you won’t start liking Nanami-chan again? Even if that happens, because it is a long distance relationship, I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.” He says, “So if it isn’t a long distance relationship it would work, right? If you’re that worried, then I’ll go to Tokyo with you!” She tells him he is being foolish and that it would cause her problems if he did that. He apologizes and they don’t speak again until she is about to board the bus to Hiroshima station.

At the bus, all of her friends are seeing her off and wishing her well, including a rather uncomfortable Nanami. As she is getting on the bus, it is Kanzaki-sempai that pushes Haruto on the bus after her, telling him it is his responsibility to make sure she get to the train safely. They are still uncomfortable together, but eventually Yuzuki breaks the silence with a single word. “Sorry.” He says that coming along  isn’t a problem, but she says, “Not that… at the river… I’m sorry that I said it that way… I couldn’t… find the right time to tell you.”  He says it’s not a problem and that it was his fault for asking such a ridiculous thing right before she was leaving.  But she says, “I was happy… You said ‘Please go out with me’ … and told me that you would go to Tokyo… I was extremely happy that you thought so much of me…” She continues and says she is relieved, because she thought they would go their separate ways without saying anything. Then she says, “and then… about our conversation earlier… I was thinking that we could give it a try…” He ask what and she says, “A long distance relationship… with Haruto-kun.” Then she gets on the train. As she goes he says, “Then you’re accepting my confession this morning? You’ll go out with me?” As the train closes and starts to move away she turns, smiles and say “Yep!”

They are now officially a couple, though separated by seven hours by bullet train. In a nice bit of foreshadowing, he remarks, “At that time I still didn’t know what was about to happen.” It is clear that they won’t have smooth seas ahead.

They start their long distance relationship. He is horribly lonely, but doesn’t want to make her feel bad. She is too, but he seems fine so she doesn’t want to make him sad. Eventually they both figure out that they were feeling the same way. They want to see each other so badly it hurts. Eventually their class trip is decided on and they are going to Tokyo in a month. He calls Yuzuki and asks if they can meet during his free time. She has school, but he says they will meet after her school gets out, and that she has a present she got for him since she missed his last birthday with the preparation for leaving and all.

Takashi, Akari, and Haruto get a part time job over summer break so they can save up some money for the trip to Tokyo. Haruto wants to buy a present for Yuzuki as well. They work at a restaurant and Haruto works in the kitchen for a beautiful, but severe girl who is only a year older than him, but seems to terrify even the adult kitchen staff. Over the week, she teaches him a lot about cooking and he starts to think that he may want to be a chef as a career. It is also clear that, if he didn’t have a boy friend, some sparks could fly with this gorgeous chef.

Finally the class trip has arrived. They are going to a baseball game their first day in town and they find out that they will have free time before the game. He sends Yuzuki a message and she agrees to try to make it to see him a day early. Unfortunately there is a problem with the trains and she gets there right after he has to check in with his teachers. They promise that they will not miss the next day.

However, Nanami has a very strange request for Haruto. She wants him to pretend to be her boyfriend. He is really not sure about it, but she says that she has a friend lives in Tokyo that is always bragging about her boyfriend and she lied to her and started telling her that she had one too. Now she is supposed to bring him along. He agrees and they try to seem like they are dating, but it isn’t very convincing. As her friend gets on the train, Haruto takes her hand in his to try to give a good last impression to her friend, saying “Until the train leaves, I’m your boyfriend.” As the train pulls away, he sees Yuzuki on the other side of the tracks, her face a mask of shock.

He runs to try to catch her to explain, but she gets on the train before he can find her. He sends her a message explaining what happened and asking her to please come to meet him as planned. She doesn’t reply and doesn’t come to meet him. He is devastated. Later that night, he decides that he has to try to see her and explain in person, so he enlists his freind’s help to sneak out without getting caught by the teachers. He goes to her house, rushing so much that he forgot his cell phone, and find’s Rin outside the house. She tells him that she just saw her leaving the house and she was going shopping. She tells him he should just head back before the teachers find out, since she probably won’t be home for a while. Back at the hotel, one of the teachers comes looking for Haruto. His friends cover for him, saying he was tired and didn’t want to be disturbed. The teacher tells them he has a visitor. It is Yuzuki! She came to see him after sending him a message, which he didn’t get because he left his phone. It looks like fate has conspired to keep them apart. He has to be back by 10, but she has a 10 o’clock curfew, so she has to leave by 9:30 to be sure she gets home.

When she doesn’t show up from “shopping”, Haruto heads back to the hotel, he is walking through a transfer station and someone says, “Your Late!” It is Yuzuki. She tells him about the email and how she went to see him. She says that she got the idea about what happened with Nanami from his email, but anyone seeing that would…


 He wraps her up in his arms and says, “I’ve been wanting to see you.” To which she replies, “You meanie… Don’t say that…” How can she stay mad at a boy who loves her so?

 They finally got to see each other, though she only has about 10 minutes before she has to head back home and he has to go back to the hotel before the 10 o’clock check in with the teachers. They walk along, happy, then he gets quite. She asks him what’s wrong and he says he is sorry, he promised not to make her feel sad, then pretended to be Nanmi’s boyfriend like that, it is something he shouldn’t have done. She gives him his present, he left hers at the hotel, so he can’t give it to her. She tells him to stop looking so sad and not to waste their precious time together.

He still looks a bit odd, and she asks if he is still worrying about it. He says no, but it is a little cold… Could they link arms? (Sly little devil!) The walk a bit and she says:

They lean closer together and…

Share their first real kiss.

It is a tender moment and it seems that there problems should be over… He takes her to the station and the talk about how hard long distance relationships are. She says:

He should know by now that when she passes something off as a joke, she is serious. Just like when she asked him to take her to the bonfire dance, or when she first told him she liked him. Each time, she meant what she said, but passed it off as a joke… He goes home, thinking that they will persevere and keep their love going even through the long distance relationship, but all communication with her is cut off. He doesn’t hear from her again…

Haruto is obviously depressed. Nanami feels horrible. He tells her that it isn’t her fault and that Rin had told him that Yuzuki was thinking about breaking up with him before the class trip because the long distance relationship was just to hard. She tries to cheer him up, but just makes him feel worse. Akari talks with her about it and suggests that the need to find him a new girlfriend that he can love more than Yuzuki. Nanami gets all flustered but in the end, says that she wants to be his girlfriend. Akari never knew that Nanami liked Haruto…

Nanami quits her manager position of the baseball team and joins the cooking club, dragging Haruto to actually attend the club he has been a member of for almost two years. Slowly he starts to be more cheerful, and the two of them seem to be getting closer again. Then Nanami gets a call from Rin. She tells Nanami that Yuzuki has a new boyfriend that she was talking about very happily. Nanami is shocked. She thinks that, if that is the case, Yuzuki is a horrible person, breaking up with Haruto without a word, then getting a new boyfriend right away. That evening on the way home, they talk about how impressed everyone was with his cooking at the club and she says she is glad he’s cheered up. He says it is all because of her and that he is really thankful. She says that she didn’t do anything special, but if he really feels like that, he should let her ride on the back of his bike every now and then. He says that it the seat is broken and he needs to get if fixed. She realizes that he is totally not over Yuzuki:

In a fit of jealousy, she tells him that Rin told her about Yuzuki’s new boyfriend and that she is horrible to do that. He defends her, saying she has a lot on her shoulders and he can’t judge without knowing her side. She then sits on his bike and says “Just forget about Yuzuki-chan already.”


“Instead of looking at someone far away, look at someone closer. Look at me one more time!


She bows her head and says, “Just as I thought, I really do like you. I really do like you Karishima-kun, so please… go out with me.” He tells her he needs some time to give her an answer.

The next day, Nanami avoids Haruto at school and tells Akari about what happened after school. Akari is surprised that she confessed so quickly and a bit upset that she told him about Yuzuki’s new boyfriend, which Rin had told her about as well. Later that night, she gets a message from Haruto, asking her to meet him the next day so he can give his answer.

He looks at the shirt Yuzuki gave him and thinks that there is no way he can date someone else while he still have all these feelings for Yuzuki, but the next day when Nanami is there, he starts to feel light hearted again talking with her. He wanders if she would be able to make him forget Yuzuki? Then the bag with the shirt falls over and he sees a letter fall out of the bag. He comments that he never noticed that the letter was there. Nanami asks if he shouldn’t read it, since Yuzuki went to the trouble of writing it… So her reads the letter:

He tells Nanami that there is no way he can date her after reading that, because Yuzuki is not the kind of person that would have written that kind of letter, so something must have happened to her again. He needs to go and save her!

He tells her about the ice flowers and how Yuzuki said she would definitely remember that and remembering how she told him that as long as he didn’t give up it was never over, she wouldn’t ever have confessed to a guy and given up like she says in the letter. It must be something else. She asks why she would lie to him about it though. He says that is the type of person she is. She is the type of person that, after fighting with her family would move all the way to Hiroshima, then send emails saying how much fun she was having. She would smile and tell him everything was OK when he was worrying. She would hold everything in like an idiot instead of causing trouble for someone else. If she is going through something painful, she would at least want Haruto to date Naanmi and be happy, but he can’t do it, even though he is really happy Nanami said she loves him. Nanami says, “That’s so like you”, but that it is one of the things she loves about him. She tells him to go to Tokyo and see Yuzuki. If she’s troubled, then save her. Once he is done with that, she will wait for his answer again. But she warns him that she may not wait for him forever. If he waits to long, it will be his loss.

At home, he thinks about how he is going to handle this. If he goes she will just refuse to see him. Then he comes to a decision…

At school the next week, their teacher makes an announcement. Summer break is almost here and at the end of the term, Haruto Kirishima will be transferring to a school in Tokyo!

His friends are livid. They think he is being stupid and childish and he should just accept that he was dumped already. In his opinion, they just don’t understand. It is almost time for him to leave, but Takashi and Akari want to have one last night together, reminiscing about their friendship over all these years. After talking much of the night, and Takashi has fallen asleep, Haruto and Akari talk alone for a while. When it is time for them to go to sleep too, Akari comes back over to Haruto and says, “Oh, I almost forgot, this one is for Haruto.”

After kissing him, she tells him not to tell Takashi, with a furious blush, and then:

He has some special friends, that young lad from Hiroshima… The next day he gets on the train with his sister and heads to his new life in Tokyo. This is where the anime will begin… I hope it is as good as the manga. Hell, if it is even half as good as the manga, it will be one of the best anime ever made!

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