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My MTG Journey from Start to End…

Making a decision is hard, and more so when it’s a life decision. This isn’t even a life decision and I’m already pulling hairs out over it.

If you guys are new to the blog, you probably don’t know much about me so here’s the tl;dr about me: my name is fuyuhi and I’m a gamer first, and Japanese subculture enthusiast second. I also like western comics and cartoons. Read more »

Introducing the Wagakki Band feat Suzuhana Yuuko!

With the introduction of the Vocaloid software, a lot of musicians worry that digital singers will replace human singers one day. Along with a strong visual representation of the software, it is understandable why it is a concern. However, things seem to be the other way round! Human singers are covering Vocaloid songs and vice versa.

The Wagakki Band brings this a step farther, by mixing traditional Japanese instruments with Western ones and thereby creating a unique sound for their songs.
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Editions? What editions?

Merchandise today come in lots of editions – for him/her editions, first print/re-release editions, HD/HD remaster editions, studio/digital editions and lots more but enough about those. What I’m focusing on today are mainly: games, figurines, model kits and the likes. Have you noticed how many of these products tend to get labelled with different editions? Each edition has a somewhat fine line of difference between each other and it’s easy to get them mixed up. This post is about the main different editions and how they’re all more different than you think they are.
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Spring 2014 chart

Gonna leave it here and wait for the other authors to leave what they’re watching and whatnot.

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A little penny for your thought

Now, before I start, this is going to be quite the long post. I’d advise you to pull up a comfy chair and maybe a cuppa tea – I’m not a coffee person =/ – or whatever beverage you like. This post talks a bit about religion so I apologise here in advance if I come across as insensitive at parts of this post but I assure you that in no way am I an atheist or do I seek to hate on any religion – I am but a mere agnostic man.

My post today is about a book I got as a Christmas present that really struck a chord with me deep down.

Have you heard of the author Mitch Albom? He’s an internationally acclaimed author with six books under his belt, and his seventh book is what made me think twice about life. I love his books ever since my dad got me Tuesdays With Morrie and I’ve faithfully bought all his books ever since.

Presenting Mitch Albom’s seventh book: The Time Keeper.

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Steam Winter sale is on now till January 3rd

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