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fuyuhi’s views about AFASG 2013

There were so many things to do at this year’s AFA that one couldn’t possibly be bored at all! I personally had a lot of fun but I didn’t manage to meet up with any of the other writers who went for AFA except Accelerator – and that was only because he commented on my Facebook status about the Anisong concert that I knew he was there at all.

The famous and very pretty cosplayers Ying Tze and Angie were there and Milky Holmes was there as well! I love Milky Holmes so much >A<
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My feelings about every AFA to come

It’s only just 6 more days to November 8, where the halls at Suntec Convention Center opens its newly renovated doors to welcome AFA yet again! There’s a ton of stuff to do this year but it’s quite obvious that most of the budget went into bringing in the many artistes who will perform for the Anisong concert.

Are you guys looking forward to AFA this year? Personally I only look forward to the performances and not the event itself. Why is that so? I’ll give my reasons after the jump.
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A post from a (somewhat) dead author =(

Hey guys, it’s been a very very long time since I last posted. See that lioness up there? That’s how I’ve been feeling for the past half a year due to army fatigue. A lot of things have been going down in my army service here in Singapore and I didn’t have the time nor energy to commit fully to watching anime or reading manga, much less writing a post here on Nabe. This post might sound like a rant of sort but I’ll try my best to not sound like ranting.
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Dreamwalker 梦行者

I’m pretty sure I made a post about this sometime back but I forgot if I actually did and I’m too lazy to find it. This is the first series of the Dreamwalker story and it was finished recently so I thought maybe I’d introduce it again. It’s a cute little manga of a girl who fights monsters in her dreams. It’s also manga artist Yeo Hui Xuan’s foray into the local comic scene!

In this short post, I’ll be giving you the gist of the story along with the cute little trinkets you can get when you go down to their booth during an event!
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A word from fuyuhi…

…who is currently slugging it out in his army term, which ends late November next year, so please don’t expect much content from me.


Lotta crap been going on in army and I’ve been spending most of the little time offs I have with my girlfriend as well as catching up with my friends. Watching anime and reading manga has somewhat become a privilege for me, now that I have little to no time for it. I’m still trying to catch up with last season’s shows and hell I found myself starting on new manga. Currently reading Sekirei, Triage X, as well as this cute little thing I found: Omae o Otaku ni Shiteyaru kara, Ore o Riajuu ni Shitekure!

Oh by the way, I kinda updated the summer anime post thing with my shows so just click the link and scroll all the way down.

P.S. The playthrough videos of Gundemonium aren’t coming along nicely because, well, I have no time =(


P.S.S.S. Add me on Steam, I’m fuyuhi.

Just some updates from the missing Fuyuhi

I’ve been busy with army life, training here and there and all over the place. I can’t say which part of the army I’m in but what I can say is that I’m having so much fun right now. All the new friends, surroundings, and things to learn are just so exciting!

I’ve gotten a new computer recently, along with some recording software. Steam thankfully works on the new computer so I’ve downloaded a whole bunch of games. There are a few games that I’m thinking of doing a playthrough of the 3 games in the Gundemonium series. Don’t know what that is? Find out more quick!
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