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Hikasa Youko’s Power Push Interview 4/16

Hikasa Youko

I can’t seem to be able to find myself

Continued from part 3…

– Your first single 「美しき残酷な世界」, second single 「終わらない詩」and your collaboration album 「Glamorous Songs」were consecutively released in May, June and this month (July) respectively, giving rise to the「Hikasa Youko’s Solo Project」. So, did the production go smoothly? Read more »

Happy Birthday Kotobuki Minako!

Happy birthday Mina-chan!

Hikasa Youko’s Power Push Interview 3/16

Continued from Part 2…

Being Able To Sing After Becoming A Proper Voice Actress

— You don’t feel strongly about your character songs gaining attention?

No, I feel extremely happy about that! I mentioned previously that I think the characters I voice are like a part of me or like my child, so when their CDs are released I’d feel something like “Isn’t that great? My child released a CD!” (lol). And when the CM for that character song gets aired on TV, “That’s my child’s CD!” (lol).

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Hikasa Youko’s Power Push Interview 2/16

Continued from Part 1…

The Mysterious Connection Between Performer and Character Songs

— But that means you’d have to stand in front of a mic, so in other words you realised that after you started your career as a seiyuu?

Yes indeed.

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Happy Birthday Ogura Yui!!

Happy birthday Chanyui!! Read more »

Hikasa Youko’s Power Push Interview 1/16

Hikasa Youko Glamorous Songs

I’ve decided to translate’s Power Push article on Hikasa Youko’s Collaboration Album. It will be divided into 16 sections based on the sub-titles in the article (purple text). Hopefully I’ll be able to do one section per week.

Some background to start you off with the interview:

Hikasa Youko’s solo project started off in May with the release of the ED Theme for Shingeki no Kyojin, Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai, followed by HAL’s Theme song, Owaranai Uta, in the following month. In July, she released her collaboration album.

Since her Akiyama Mio character songs back in 2009 which attracted attention to Hikasa Youko as a vocalist, why didn’t she debut as a solo artiste until now? Why only debut after all these years? The interview will reveal the answers to these questions.

The later half of the full length interview will feature a conversation between the director of the Glamorous Days PV and Hikasa Youko. Read more »