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Infinite Stratos 2 #02 – The Student Council President is a Felis Woman

Episode 02 - "Heart pain Killer"

Episode 02 – “Heart Pain Killer”

It’s a new episode and it begins with the typical IS battles that I love so much. This made me happy. After which our new character appears and it is revealed that her name is Tatenashi Sarashiki, the Student Council President of the IS Academy. Why haven’t we heard of her until now?

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Fall 2013 Mass First Impressions

Iso's Fall 2013 Anime Mass First Impressions

The fall anime season is now airing with full force, and with the stream of new anime I decided to take the opportunity to try out my most ambitious endeavor yet – to take a look at the first episode of (almost) every single new anime that airs this season. In the end I managed to complete 28 first episodes, and you will find my opinion on each of them in this post. I have also included more detailed opinions for shows which I am currently following.

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[Episode Review] Golden Time Episode 2

With Episode 2, Golden Time begins the process of humanizing the character that everyone hated in week 1:

Kouko Kaga.

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Hiromi’s Fall Anime in Tiers!

Fall Tiers

With most of this season’s episode 1s aired, I’ll proceed with categorising this season’s anime into different tiers according to what I think of them.

But first, a list of what shows I’ve watched so far.

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[Episode Review] Galilei Donna Episode 1

Time for my 2nd series I am blogging for the Fall 2013 Season:
Galilei Donna

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Infinite Stratos 2 #01 – Kiss kiss, Bang bang.


Episode 01 – “Our Memory of that summer”

For the first episode of IS2, there wasn’t much exposition; it was mostly a warm-up. Laura and Charlotte had their time to shine here with plenty of fanservice shots, plenty of action and a hint of yuri. Really though, that last one was unexpected!

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