Happy Birthday Terakawa Aimi!

Happy Birthday Terakawa Aimi!

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Magical Suite Prism Nana Pilot PV #04

Above is the fourth PV for the Prism Nana original anime project.

Watching this PV makes me a little confused. It seems as though there are 3 different personae to each character – one which lives in the normal world, one which plays music in an alternate world and one which fights monsters in yet another world. Either that, or the music-playing personae are just the characters with a different dress design to be used in the OP/ED theme or for some performance in the show.

Side note: I added an English-subbed version of the 3rd PV to its corresponding post.

EOY 2012 Itasha & Itansha Gallery

“Yet another gallery post for EOY?” Yup, yet another gallery post.

This time round, featured in this post are itasha and itanshas (check out the wiki article if you don’t know what these are) that were displayed during EOY. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to decorate your car or motorcycle, perhaps these pictures can help you.

Shots are taken by NightSky and kuumined. Open the pictures in a new tab or window for full size.

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Wizardry Online Open Beta : First Impressions

As of 4 days ago, Wizardry Online’s Open Beta has started up. This is the international release of the Japanese version of Wizardry Online created by Gamepot. Wizardry Online isn’t your typical MMORPG. What makes it unique from other games is that the player may experience a perma-death whilst playing the game…

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E.X Troopers Mini Review

After multiple delays on having my 3DS shipped over, I can finally do a small review on the pretty spinoff of Lost Planet made by Capcom: E.X. Troopers.

I will not be spoiling the story of the game here. Read conclusion to find  out why. Here’s a small trailer of what’s in the game instead: 

E.X Troopers Trailer

Now, I may have said that this was a spinoff of Lost Planet but unlike it’s big brother, which sports realistic style graphics, the entire EXT is presented in a very manga-esque style, complete with cut scenes in manga panels with written sound effects. Other than this very huge difference in style, gameplay mechanics are pretty much the same: You go out on missions, kill stuff, capture points and collect materials to upgrade/construct weapons.

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EOY 2012 Mega Cosplay Coverage II

Because Rikka cosplay is awesome.

… And here’s the second cosplay gallery post for last week’s EOY cosplay festival. This time round, the pictures in this post are by Hiromi and NightSky. If you notice differences in colour in the photos here as compared to the previous post, your eyes are sharp – this is because kuumined uses a Canon DSLR while NightSky and Hiromi use Nikon DSLRs.

As per last post, to view the full version of an image you can either open it in a new window or tab.

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