Iso’s Picks for Winter 2012/2013

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Chart credits go to Zana of Neregate.

Well, well! Winter is arriving, so it’s time to take our picks for next season.

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A Chuunibyou Opening for “Another”

Remember when the Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! anime was first announced? People were talking about how Rikka’s character design (the eye-patch, specifically) reminded them of Mei from Another. Well, someone decided to take things a step further, and created a new opening sequence for the latter in the style of the former’s opening.

The video is pretty well done, isn’t it?

Hiromi’s Winter 2012/13 Chart

Hiromi’s Chart

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Winter 2012/2013 Anime Chart

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As the end of the fall anime season slowly creeps up upon us without most of us noticing, it’s time to start getting warmed up for winter!

What anime are you watching next season?

Chart credits go to Zana of Neregate.

Upcoming Event: EOY 2012

Suffering from post-event syndrome after this year’s Anime Festival Asia? Fret not, as the End Of Year Cosplay event is back again this year! In fact, the organisers have decided to up the ante -  the venue will be at Marina Barrage and admission to the event will be absolutely free. And to top it all off, this year’s EOY Cosplay Festival will be Singapore’s very first real-life MMORPG Event.

Wait, what?

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Magical Suite Prism Nana Pilot PV #03

A third promotional video for the Magical Suite Prism Nana original anime project has just been added to their official website, which you can watch above.

Interestingly, the music used for this PV is of a totally different style as compared to the ones used in the previous PVs and trailer. Also, I think the design for this character looks really good :3

Edit: An English-subbed version of the PV is now available below.