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Game Review: Megpoid the Music♯

Megpoid the Music# is a Rhythm / Music game, developed and published by ParaPhray, which was released in Japan in 2013. The game utilizes horizontally scrolling beats that appears in synch with the music. Depending on the accuracy of the player, a ranking of Bad, Well, Excellent or Perfect will be given. There are a total of four difficulties for each song. With each progressing difficulty, the buttons that will be used in the game will be increased.
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twgok full opening

God Only Knows – Oratorio The World God Only Knows.

The full opening of The World God Only Knows.

Quoted from a friend: “Epicness compressed in 8 minutes.”

supercell feature (Part 3: Sayonara Memories)

Sayonara Memories (さよならメモリーズ – Sayonara Memorizu) is supercell’s follow up to Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari, acting as their second single to be released. The A-Side was apparently rumoured to feature as the theme song for the manga to live-action movie adaption of ソラニン (Solanin). However these rumors proved to be more than a false blip on the radar as it was mere confusion among certain people due to the coincidence that Takahiro Miki (Director of Sayonara Memories PV) also directed the live-action Solanin. In fact the second single, Sayonara Memories has no association with any external media of any sort. Sayonara Memories is supercell’s first true professional single written in the essence of their style for fans. The A-Side again provides that upbeat track filled with a band ensemble, while the B-Side provides fans a new twist in their music, dipping their toes into the style of jazz, but only ever so slightly. Finally, the third track provides supercell fans with a sweet acoustic ballad. The single was released in February 10th, 2010. Read more »

supercell feature (Part 2: The Story You Do Not Know)

The “Story You Do Not Know” (君の知らない物語 – Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari) is supercell’s first debut single. The A-Side provided the ED for the popular anime series 化物語 (Bakemonogatari) while the B-Side provided for the OVA (Original Video Animation), “Cencoroll“. The single itself was released on August 12th, 2009. Read more »