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Blog Carnival: Anime and Wish Fulfillment

What is your wish…?

One of the reasons that anime, manga and games appeal to many of us is that they often provide some form of wish fulfillment for us viewers. We are drawn to these media because their content – be it action, fantasy or romance – allows us to live out a life that we could never possibly experience through the eyes and in the shoes of the characters.

In this post, I’d like to talk about some anime which I feel act as a form of wish fulfillment for me, and I’d like to invite other bloggers to do the same. Alright then, let’s start!

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Sword Art Online 25 (End): Of Weak Antagonists and Castles in the Sky

It’s finally over!

Before the year officially ends, it’s probably apt that I finish up my review for the last episode of Sword Art Online. As one of the most hyped and popular anime this year (like it or not), a review of it would be a suitable conclusion as the last post of 2012, wouldn’t it?

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Sword Art Online 24: What Tears Taste Like

Before I start this post, let me introduce a term I will be using quite often later:

Japanese acronym for Netorare (which translates to “Cuckold”). In short, the main protagonist’s loved one(s) are taken away from him. The heroine might be willing or unwilling.

With that out of the way, let’s go!

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Sword Art Online #17 – 23: The Chronicles of Alfheim: The Sylph, the Spriggan and the Fairy King

No, I did not forget about Sword Art Online. It’s just that the ALO arc just wasn’t as good as as the SAO arc that I didn’t feel like writing about it all that much.

I’ll be reviewing episodes 17-23 at one shot in this post.

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Sword Art Online #16 – Alfheim Online

And once again, Kirito ventures into the online world in a bid to save Asuna.

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Sword Art Online #15 – New Contenders

In this episode, we find out more about Kirito’s cousin in real life – including the fact that she harbors feelings for him, and discover the shocking revelation that Asuna has a would-be fiance in real life, who plans to marry her while she’s still comatose!

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